If you don't find time for a personalized exercise and wellness program, you will find time for disease.
                                            -Michael Peace

Who we are:

Peace Training is a medically based personal training studio that specializes in medical and general fitness exercise programs. We also specialize in small-group training, nutrition, healthy-lifestyle coaching, fitness assessments, and educational workshops that focus on the management of medical conditions through specific exercise and nutritional programs.  

Michael Peace is the Medical Exercise Program Director, responsible for overseeing all services. He has more than a decade of experience working as the head trainer in a medically based gym in Redondo Beach.  While there, he trained a full spectrum of clients ranging from accomplished athletes to those recovering from injury.

Michael uses advanced training protocols that help his clients reach their full potential while reducing the risk of getting injured. He received a Kinesiology degree with an emphasis on Fitness and has since earned several accredited titles in his field.

As an accomplished athlete, Michael understands the importance of optimum health.  After a devastating car accident years ago, he has firsthand experience of the physical, mental, and emotional aspects to achieving a full recovery.